Of God and Music

I have a question to ask. To which religion does God belong to? How can this Hindu heart of mine be fedwith a warmth and joy flowing in the form of music through the fingers of this Christian called Yanni?

He had played so many pieces on that day. There was one where a semblance of a beautiful courtshipbetween the piano and the violin was taking place. What I felt, I don’t know about others, was as if GodHimself had taken over. God never stays in temples or churches or mosques. He stays in us and shows us His many glimpses, one of which was perhaps in the form of music that was being played. Never had I felt such a feeling nor had I ever felt Him from such closeness.

God, perhaps, had never intended us as Hindus or Muslims or Christians. The religion he probably had wanted us to follow was perhaps of humanity and humility. At the end, Yanni said that when we look from space towards our beautiful planet, it becomes difficult to say which country is which, for the margins on maps we see are never and have never been there. These divisions have been our creations,sadly.

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