A Letter to some one we Lost.

I am a tiny dot in this huge ocean of humanity of which you had been a part. My heart aches as to when I think of how much your life must have meant to your loved ones-a daughter to your doting parents, a sister to your brothers and as a companion to someone who must have loved you immensely. Ironically, you had been a part of a profession that dealt in giving life and continuation of the human race. Sadly, you have been a victim of a flaw in the process of this continuation. Events as these question the trust that we have on humanity. But when I see the outpouring of love, concern and anger over what happened, the belief on ourselves and the religion of humanity becomes even more firm. Your demise, the tragedy and grief of which can never be explained, shows a way for us to realize the value of lives. I would rather celebrate your life than grieving on your passing away, as an inspiration for us to be better human beings.

2 thoughts on “A Letter to some one we Lost.

  1. Loss is pain but letting go when necessary is one of love’s hardest tests.

    Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I hope you continue to enjoy the posts. Léa


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