This is one story which had been narrated to me by a friend which I want to share.

A long time back in England, there used to live an old man and his good for nothing lazy son.

The country had been at war for several years but however their village had not been much affected. Life carried on as usual.

The old man was a bit eccentric, so thought the other villagers, but good at heart. More so than his son, he was proud of his beautiful horse which was the envy of the whole village. He had recently bought an expensive leather harness for his beautiful horse.

It had rained very heavily the other night. On waking up, to his disbelief, he saw that the stable was empty and that the horse was nowhere to be seen. Gone was his horse and his harness.

Villagers on hearing that came over and tried sharing his grief. The only thing the villager said was, “Maybe it’s for the better!” The villagers were reconfirmed of his eccentricity and left.

Few days went by and there was no sign of his horse.  Then suddenly, one fine day, what he saw truly amazed him. He saw that not only his dear horse has returned, but along with him, he had brought  three more horses which meant a lot of money.

Again, the villagers on coming to know of the news, went to the old man and congratulated him on his luck. The old man said nothing except what he had said previously, “Maybe it’s for the better!”  The villagers left without saying much.

You would remember that the villager had a good for nothing lazy son. The son was in love with a nearby girl who had, on his numerous proposals of undying love to her, had blatantly refused. He had tried every trick to impress her, but nothing was working. He thought that, maybe, if he can ride a horse, it might just as well do the trick!

He had never ridden a horse before and the moment he tried to sit on it, the horse was driven into a wild frenzy and threw our Romeo onto the ground. It was a bad fall. The boy’s leg had broken. So much for his trying to impress!

Again, the villagers on hearing the news came to the villager’s house, portraying sadness at the news of his son’s broken leg. All the father said was, “Maybe it’s for the better!”  That enhanced his eccentricity to the villagers. They thought he was going mad.

The girl, on hearing the cause of his broken leg, was overcome with grief and emotion. She said that if someone can break his leg for her, he is the man for her!

As the son was lying on the bed recovering, news came that, owing to the war, young men are being drafted to the army to fight the enemy. Only the elderly, children and women would be spared.

The army drafted all the young men of the village. When they saw the villager’s son, they said that with a broken leg, he would not be of any use. He was left back.

So except for the villager’s son with the broken leg, everyone left for the war. News came that the war had been too merciless and no men of the village had survived. All were killed.

The only survivor was the villager’s son with the broken leg who  lived a long and happy life with the woman he always wanted to share his life with.

Moral of the Story: What happens may sometimes be really for the better!

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