Should it be this way?

Recently heard that an upcoming Lady singer in Assam(a state in India) was prohibited to perform, reason being her not wearing the traditional dress. Few years back, at a Durga Puja ( A celebration of good vs evil) function in Jorhat,(A town in Assam, India) we were not allowed to seek blessings from near the idol as because we were not wearing traditional attire. Some Hindu Talibans were forming a ring around the idol, preventing people to come near. Your thoughts please.


One thought on “Should it be this way?

  1. Dear Keshav,
    Thank you for your reply.
    I think you have misinterpreted the whole context. I am not here to deliberate knowledge on mythology, but to point out that everyone may not be on top of hierarchy or knowledge to seek blessings of a Goddess we all revere. My question is to those people who behave as authority to moderate us. If you are a Hindu, you should also know that like you or me or anybody, all of us have equal rights to seek His or Her s blessings.
    Similarly, on the Lady being not allowed to sing, can a dress make or mar tradition? We can say many interpretations, but the actual fact is that maturity is when you accept changes positively. A dress cannot be a tool to accept or not accept prayers. That is the whole point.
    Kind regards, Samit


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