“And that’s why, I never married!”

Never Married

She, in her late forties, had been asked innumerable times as to why such a decision of not getting married and not to follow the ways of the society.

Her answer, “I see myself as a medium for larger things. Continuity of the race and a means of sharing your life, if that is the substance of marriage, are not for me. I don’t see myself as in that state, for there are others destined for it. I am, and I will, will see life and better it from a different view. Let me, for a change, unlike most of us, work for the upliftment of our race. I don’t want to be held back by what people say.  I may not have a child, but the child in your arms or the child yet unborn shall have a better life for I will work for it. The whole world is my life. If someday I feel to have made a wrong decision, I shall wait. The body perishes, but never the Soul. It will take a form and I will do what has not been done.”


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