“Swimming is better, Papa”

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Children, as they grow up, they have different views of themselves and what they want or what they don’t want.

When we were kids, we would often be thinking of ourselves on the characters that we read in comics as like Superman or Batman. For the girls, maybe it was their Barbie dolls!

Times change and now children have other different mediums of exposure like Tabs, TV, mobiles etc.

My kid, when he was a bit younger would think of himself as to be Doremon or Pokemon on some days or Ninja Hatori (I hope I am getting it correct) on the other days.

He’s more fascinated by Wildlife channels these days and a little bit of cricket, much to his Mom’s annoyance. She thinks cricket watching is a waste of time!

Coming to Wildlife Channels, he thinks that the time has come for him to have a pet.

He wanted a Lion cub initially and after a few days finds the Hippopotamus baby very cute!

It took a lot of effort to convince that they cannot be kept as pets.

He suddenly takes a liking for birds and wants an owl! I say birds are not meant to be kept in cages. They are meant to be free and to fly.

One fine day he says that he wants a puppy as a pet. I thought that this idea would too disappear with time. It was however not to be. He was persisting.

I am not very fond of the idea of keeping pets though it is not an aversion. Keeping a puppy would be like taking care of a child. When you buy and bring home a puppy, it is like, for your own pleasure, separating a child who knows only to drink milk from his mother and nothing else. I, under no circumstances ,would want to do that unless we justify by taking good care of it. Leaving the puppy alone for hours together is not my cup of tea.

You cannot explain to a child these things for he would not understand.

One of my friend’s elder brother had shifted to Bangalore and we had gone for a visit. They had bought a Golden Retriever puppy and it was around 2-3 months when we first saw him. My son was very excited on seeing him. Both of them played together and it was fun watching them. Not so fun was the repetition of wanting a dog immediately at 11pm in the night by my son!

As for me, I had never seen such a beautiful dog with such beautiful eyes. I just kept on thinking if we should change our plans of not buying a dog. More than my son, I wanted one now. The only constraint was the non-availability of any one of us for hours altogether. We just couldn’t think of doing that. Taking care of a dog is a full time job.

Few months went by and on one Sunday, I decided to take my son again to their place. He was excited to go. He wanted to play with the puppy.

The moment we came in, we could see that the puppy was no longer a puppy. It was a young dog and looked healthy and strong. Even before my son could say something, she had jumped onto him, licking his face. My son was taken aback. It scared him a bit. The small little puppy was nowhere to be seen. I could feel that he was not at all expecting this. The dog was attracted towards his colorful socks and made every possible attempt to take them off. She was jumping, chasing and licking him all of which didn’t go down well with him. That was the moment, much to my liking, when he must have decided that he was not going to have a dog.

On our way back, I gently asked him if he enjoyed playing with the dog. He was silent for a moment. He then said that his mom wants him to join swimming and that he would rather do that. He also said that ,maybe, we can have a rabbit.

Thus ended his craze of having a pet though the puppy had almost made us to change our minds. Maybe, one day we will have a pet, but only when we can give sufficient care and love. Never before that.

When I remember the eyes of that puppy, I understand the attachment and love owners have for their dogs. It a true feeling which is good to have.




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