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Age is a just a number, allright. But its not infine and if you donot do the correct math with those numbers at the right and opportune moment, hoping it to be done on a better,  warm sunlit day, you will be the bird with the wings who never knew to flew.


“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”


Day to day, in and out, I keep doing the same things, as like most of you.

I often wish that it would be great, if sometime, I take a few days off continuously and do a few things of my liking.

My wish really did turn true, but not really into a fine horse, but rather into a monkey or a donkey.

I have a bloody sore back, lying on the bed close to 2 days, not going to work. This is even more boring than actually going to work.

In short, dreams do come true, but the forms in which they come, may not always be desirable!

Get me those days back!


Some days, if not always, the feeling of idling around, doing nothing or doing things you like, some good music, a good cup of tea, a good read and some bright sunshine on a beautiful November day, seems to frequent my mind.

We have become so bound with routine that time just seems to fail us, just as sand escaping the grasp of your palm.  The  harder you try to hold, the more it falls.

Oh! If we just could pause time and feel them all over again.

Get me those days back!

“And that’s why, I never married!”

Never Married

She, in her late forties, had been asked innumerable times as to why such a decision of not getting married and not to follow the ways of the society.

Her answer, “I see myself as a medium for larger things. Continuity of the race and a means of sharing your life, if that is the substance of marriage, are not for me. I don’t see myself as in that state, for there are others destined for it. I am, and I will, will see life and better it from a different view. Let me, for a change, unlike most of us, work for the upliftment of our race. I don’t want to be held back by what people say.  I may not have a child, but the child in your arms or the child yet unborn shall have a better life for I will work for it. The whole world is my life. If someday I feel to have made a wrong decision, I shall wait. The body perishes, but never the Soul. It will take a form and I will do what has not been done.”

Human Dolls?


As we keep on fighting on basis of religions, caste and creed, yet a clever political class which often are the instigators, are the winners. We have developed into human dolls and we do their desires. Life is too short and too precious to spend on these and them. We should be good human beings whose hearts don’t beat and breed on these differences but with the feeling that their is no difference between your beat and mine. That is the greatest religion and that is the religion that is going to always be the winner.


Listen to your Heart!

Listen to your heart

What ever you paint your heart with, be it the paint of religion, the paint of love or hatred, the paint of understanding or of indifference, yet when you talk to your heart, irrespective of the different shades, the heart will always tell the truth. It never lies. The mind often may, but not the heart. The mind is clever, the heart not so. Following your mind will keep you a step ahead.Following your heart may take you a step back, but it will be a step towards contentment.In the long run perhaps, maybe you should listen to your heart more.