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Age is a just a number, allright. But its not infine and if you donot do the correct math with those numbers at the right and opportune moment, hoping it to be done on a better,  warm sunlit day, you will be the bird with the wings who never knew to flew.


Unimportant me? Think about it.

metal srip

It was a tiny piece of metal strip that had cut into the tyres of the Concorde that had caused a tyre to burst, resulting in a fragment of the burst tyre to hit into the fuel tank, sinking the plane and lives.

People or events that seem small or insignificant should never be underestimated. Unimportant now, it may be just a matter of time when it grows into someone to reckon with. Time never stops and it can flow in different directions, favorable to somebody and sometimes not to you.

Tall statures have sunk on overconfidence and lack of respect.