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Age is a just a number, allright. But its not infine and if you donot do the correct math with those numbers at the right and opportune moment, hoping it to be done on a better,  warm sunlit day, you will be the bird with the wings who never knew to flew.


“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”


Day to day, in and out, I keep doing the same things, as like most of you.

I often wish that it would be great, if sometime, I take a few days off continuously and do a few things of my liking.

My wish really did turn true, but not really into a fine horse, but rather into a monkey or a donkey.

I have a bloody sore back, lying on the bed close to 2 days, not going to work. This is even more boring than actually going to work.

In short, dreams do come true, but the forms in which they come, may not always be desirable!

Get me those days back!


Some days, if not always, the feeling of idling around, doing nothing or doing things you like, some good music, a good cup of tea, a good read and some bright sunshine on a beautiful November day, seems to frequent my mind.

We have become so bound with routine that time just seems to fail us, just as sand escaping the grasp of your palm.  The  harder you try to hold, the more it falls.

Oh! If we just could pause time and feel them all over again.

Get me those days back!

The Drinking Buddies!

drinking buddies

Staying in hostels for quite an enormous period of my life and viewing people who drink alcohol occasionally, I would categorize them into the following groups. Not included are the everyday alcoholics. These were my observations while staying in hostels. It may be or may not be correct, but kindly take it in your stride. Nothing personal for anyone.

  1. The Silent Group: This is the first group. They would drink a little, be very quiet and without creating any scene, would slowly disappear to sleep or work.
  1. The Not So Silent Group: The second category of people is what I like the most. These are the people who after a few drinks would talk nonsensical humorous stuff which is harmless. Laugh and fun are often forgotten words of a medical student, who spends his student life often literally in a strait jacket. This group of people gives me a sense of unwinding. Who doesn’t love a crack at a few jokes?

I used to have a group of non-medical friends with whom I often used to go around with. One of them in particular was a funny fellow, whom I knew lied a lot. If he had spoken hundred sentences, ninety nine of them would be false. But his sense of on the spot humor was something I have never found in any other. If I was stressed on any account, I would go to him for lightening things up.

  1. The Serious Group: The third group is the group that consists of serious people. I find them boring to be precise. After a few drinks, their talks would suggest that the whole burden of this world is on them and they need to solve these as soon as possible.
  1. The Depressed Group: The fourth group is the group of the depressed. After a few shots, they would be complaining of each and everything and how stupid their life had become under the burden of these heavy medical books. Being with this group, you will feel like dried sugarcane, with no zest for life.
  1. The Brother Group: The fifth group is the group I would refer to the ‘Brother’ group. People of this group, how much ever they hate or love or know or don’t know you, after a few shots would be in Utopia where everyone are brothers, albeit for a very short time. The feeling of brotherhood soon disappears with disappearing levels of alcohol in the blood.
  1. The Lovers Group: The sixth group is the ‘Lovers’ group. All their untold feelings harbored in their hearts would spill out. They, under the alcohol induced euphoria, would talk about their love. In those days, the cell phones had not yet arrived and you would see people outside calling booths, some coming out with tears which soon vanishes with thinning levels of alcohol. It would be a different matter that the next day dialogues as such by the women they had called up like “I have only brotherly feelings for you or I think of you as a friend only  …etc…”  would be common.  Firm soundings of the shit they had spoken on phone to their girlfriends would also be played back to them with warnings when they would go to visit the ladies. Only in the mornings would the guys realize the blunder of their emotions the previous night. Many affairs, thus on their build up, had failed at the altar of alcohol.
  1. The Empty vessels make more Noise group: This is the last group and I belonged to this category. I am not a member of this anymore. It’s called, ‘The Empty vessels make more Noise group’. This is for those people who have a single beer or whiskey, but would act as if they have had a dozen.  For me, I never acted, but it was my system which had such manifestations. For me, a beer was the limit. And if somehow, I crossed it, the next day would be making rounds to the bathroom to puke. I was a weakling when it came to alcohol. It never suited me.

So, that ends the classification of College going occasional fun seeking drinkers. I, still to this day, believe that whatever be it or however we were, staying together as one, irrespective of our backgrounds, was the greatest event that could have ever happened.

Cry baby….! Go to Mama.


Somehow , I don’t trust his tears. We need strong politicians, not actors. These politicians can change colour faster than a chameleon! Hate this breed.

Vote for you, Mr Chief Minister..?!!


Today, I saw a newspaper clip showing the son of the Chief Minister of Assam( a state on the eastern part of India) firmly rooting behind Rahul Gandhi (a member of the Gandhi family which has ruled India for ages).

As if his father had not been enough of a plate of disaster for the Assamese people, we would now be having to deal with his son, unfortunately who shows an inclination of long term politics in Assam.

As other states have progressed well beyond their means, we have lagged behind which will be very difficult for anyone to bridge. If you visit most of the houses in Assam, you will see elderly couples getting on with their lives, while their children have moved away to greener pastures. With every aging generation, a new generation comes to take over from what has been left. Unfortunately, that will not be in Assam in the near future.

Such has been the mediocrity of politics of the ruling party and appeasement of people in the name of religions, that you would see no industries, no corporates and other measures of development.

Nobody minds free gifts, but gifts are always temporary. I see and predict a very very bleak future for the Assamese people.

If I were ever to vote, I assure you that even if they were the only party left, I would never vote for this father son duo.

They have been guilty of separating families and weakening them.  If I live long enough to grow old and aged, I would want to be taken care of by my own. That holds for everyone. But will that be possible? These politicians have chopped off the very legs on which a state would stand. They are no different from the British policy of divide and rule.The simplicity of our people has been exploited to the maximum. I assure you that we will realize it someday, but, by then, it will be too late. It already is.