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Age is a just a number, allright. But its not infine and if you donot do the correct math with those numbers at the right and opportune moment, hoping it to be done on a better,  warm sunlit day, you will be the bird with the wings who never knew to flew.


Human Dolls?


As we keep on fighting on basis of religions, caste and creed, yet a clever political class which often are the instigators, are the winners. We have developed into human dolls and we do their desires. Life is too short and too precious to spend on these and them. We should be good human beings whose hearts don’t beat and breed on these differences but with the feeling that their is no difference between your beat and mine. That is the greatest religion and that is the religion that is going to always be the winner.


Listen to your Heart!

Listen to your heart

What ever you paint your heart with, be it the paint of religion, the paint of love or hatred, the paint of understanding or of indifference, yet when you talk to your heart, irrespective of the different shades, the heart will always tell the truth. It never lies. The mind often may, but not the heart. The mind is clever, the heart not so. Following your mind will keep you a step ahead.Following your heart may take you a step back, but it will be a step towards contentment.In the long run perhaps, maybe you should listen to your heart more.